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Feed supplements

Our range of products include credozyme(poultry feed supplement), credovit(poultry feed supplement), remipro, vitasel e(poultry feed supplement), diurex oral powder and credomin oral liquid.

Credozyme(Poultry Feed Supplement)


Credozyme(Poultry Feed Supplement)
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Brand Name: Credozyme
Generic name: Feed supplements multiple enzyme
Protease 1000000 PCU/Kg
Amylase 800000 BAU/Kg
Xylanase 600000 XU/Kg
Mannannase 2500000 MNU/Kg
Phytase 1000000 FTU/Kg
Credozyme is a highly effective enzymes blend designed to meet the unique demands of modern poultry.It is designed for all kind of cereal based diets likr rye,triticare,barely,soyabean,corn and sorghum.Adding credozyme to the feed increases digestibility,absorption of nutrients and enhances utilization efficiency of feed stuffs,improving production performance of inhibits anaerobic microbial growth,thus reducing theincidence of intestinal diseases.It reduces the quantity of wastage,thereby improving hygiene and reducing environmental pollution.
Dosage and Administration:
Through drinking water
It is generally recommended to be added to drinking water at a dosageof 250 to 375 gm/1000 litre.It farms are equiped with water medicator,Inject credozyme into waterline through medicator unit set at 1:2600 ( 1ml/2.6 Liter water) and 1:4000( 1 gm/4 Litre)
Storage: Store at a temperature not exceeding 30C.Protected from light.
packing: 1000 ml of bottle
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Credovit(Poultry Feed Supplement)


Credovit(Poultry Feed Supplement)
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Brand Name: Credovit
Generic Name: Vitamin A,D3,E &C Oral solution
Each ml contains:
Vitamin A 50000IU
Vitamin D3 5000IU
Vitamin E 30mg
Vitamin C 100mg
Excipients Q.S.
Reduces stress due to vaccination,deworming,Transportation,debeaking etc.
it improves growth,production,fertility and hatchability.
It enhances immune response
Improving laying performances reduced due to intense heat,illness,cold and cage-fatique.
Corrects calcium and Phosphorous metabolism
Improves bone and egg shell quality
Dosage and Administration:
Oral through drinking water
Poultry:4-5 ml per 100 chicks for 5-7 days
5ml per 100 broilers/layers for 5-7 days or as per directed by veterinarian.
packing: Bottle of 1000 ml
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Brand Name: Remipro
Generic name: A unique combination of new generation probiotic spores
Each kg contains
Lactobacillus sporogenes (LAB) 2000 Billion Spores
B.Subtilis 1000Billion spores
B.Licheniformis 500 Billion spores
B.megaterium 500 Billion spores
B.mesentricus 500 Billion spores
B.Polymyxa 500 Billion spores
Fortifed with saccharomyces boulardii
Total viable count:5000 Billion
Prevents early chick mortality and reduces incidences of infections,improves profitability
improves FCR (Feed conversion ratio)
Prevents diseases like Necrotic Enteritis,collibacilliosis(E.Coli) Salmonellosis,Compulobacter and pseudomonas infection
Reduces wet dropping and diarrhoea
Acts as anti stress,rejuvennates birds after vaccination
Stimulate antibody production,improves immunity and performance.
Dosage and Administration:
Through Drinking water
chicks: 20 gm per 1000 birds daily for 1st week
Growers and layers: 20 gm per 1000 birds once a week
Breeders and Broilers: 5 gm per 1000 birds daily
Through feed
Broilers/Layers:100 gm/tonne
Breeders:100 to 500 gm/tonne
Spraying: shed,cages,litter,water tank and other equipment:100 gms in 5 Liters of clean water for 5000 sg.ft. one day before arrivals of chick
Chicks:100 gm in 2 litres of a clean water for 5000 chicks immediately on hatching or on arrival at farm.
packing: 1Kg pack pouch
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Vitasel E(Poultry Feed Supplement)


Vitasel E(Poultry Feed Supplement)
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Brand Name: Vitasel E
Each ml contains
Vitamin E 100 mg
Sodium selenite 500 mcg
Leg weakness
Stiffness in lambs and calves
Exudative diathesis
Encephalomalacial conditions
Reduced fertility
Lower hatching results
Rough hair cost
reduced immunity
Dosage and Administration:
Poultry: 1-2 ml/Litre of water
Rabbits:1-2 ml/litre of water
Horses: 10-40 ml/Head
Sheeps:9-10 ml/Head
Other species:1 ml for 10-20 kg of live weight
Duration generally for 5 days or as prescribed by veterinary physician.
packing: Bottle of 500 ml
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Diurex Oral Powder


Diurex Oral Powder
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Brand Name:Diurex
Generic name: Diurex oral powder
Each 100 gm powder contains
Potassium citrate BP 18 gm
Sodium citrate BP 12 gm
Vitamin k3 0.153 gm
Vitamin C BP 0.11gm
Excipients Q.S.
It is used in symptomatic treatment of Gumboro IB disease kidney disorders
Dosage and Administration:
Poultry: 1 gm per liter water
Packing: 100gm and 1 kg powder packets.
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Credomin Oral Liquid

Brand Name: Credomin
Each 100 ml contains
Potassium chloride   250 mcg
Sodium chloride       250 mcg
Magnesium sulphate   10 mg
Zinc Sulphate             15 mg
Ferrous sulphate          50 mg
Neutralise electrolyte imbalance.
Relieves from stress of all kinds.
To improve immunity and to maintain correct osmotic pressure
To avoid dehydration and stroke.
Dosage and administration:
100 ml per 1000 chicks/750 Growers/500 Layers/1000 Broilers/500 Breeders for 3-5 days
Camel/horses/cattle:30-35 ml/Animal/day
Sheep/goat:10-15 ml/Animal /day
Dogs/cats:5-10 ml/Twice/day
Or as recommended by veterinarian.
packing:1000 ml bottle

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